Child Care Cleaning Sydney


Some tips for keeping clean with children.

  • Get rid of glitter, it gets everywhere. If your little princess insists, use a lint roller to get rid of the annoying sparkle.
  • Keep Play-Doh away from carpet and fabric. If it does get into the fibres, let it dry out and vacuum.
  • Crayon can be removed from hard surfaces with lemon essential oil. Apparently some other citrus based cleaners (de-solve-it) work too.
  • Stickers end up on many hard surfaces. A hairdryer will heat up stubborn sticker problems and help removal in one piece. Else, try citrus cleaners.
  • Many, but not all toys can be cleaned in a dishwasher. This is probably a good daily habit for group item considering the dirt and saliva that gets on many playthings.
  • For toys that consist of many small pieces (e.g.: Lego) put out a large drawstring mat. Keep the pieces on the mat. These can be put in a laundry bag and put through the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • Stains left by many bodily fluids can treated with bi-carb of soda. Leave overnight if necessary



Child Care Cleaning Sydney

Whether it is for the little details or the large scale upkeep you might like to employ professional cleaners for your child care institution. Parents have their hands full looking after a small family; nobody is expected to look after a class of children all day and clean up after them too. Start each day with a clean set of room, employ some professional cleaners.

Lipstick Trick

They say there is no Royal road to learning. But once we have spent time learning we often find we can achieve good results with minimal effort. We also find we can learn from the efforts made by others. If we find a makeup trick that works well for us we should use it.


There are all sort of tricks to making our face look its best. They work by making our features fit together and harmonize well. They also work by appealing to our sense of proportion. There are a few makeup tricks that let us get everything neatly lined up.


Our lips are one of the more noticeable features of our face, the eyes being the most important. Full lips tend to make us look youthful. Lipstick can make all the difference here.


Our upper lip peaks at two upward points just below our nose; this is called Cupid’s bow. We can draw a cross (X) between these two upward points that meet at the downward point between them. We can then draw two vertical lines on our bottom lip that line up with this bottom point of this cross. Use this top lip cross and bottom lip lines as a guide for applying lipstick. It should give a slightly puckered up (about to kiss) look.


Wedding Makeup Sydney

Wedding makeup is somewhat different to everyday wear, different both in type and degree. Find some makeup hacks for everyday wear, so you can look good in a jiffy. Use a professional makeup artist for wedding and the occasional once-in-a-lifetime event.

Tradeshow list

Booths at Trade-shows.

Trade-shows and booths work well for some industries. The people that are there are there for services you provide, or something similar, so you have a fairly good demographic for your business. It’s an opportunity to get straight to interested customers.


Prepare Print Media Sydney

Have flyers and other advertising media made well beforehand. Have a custom made booth/marquee which can be re-used.

  • pull up banners Sydney
  • posters Sydney
  • stickers Sydney
  • marquees Sydney
  • T-shirts, if appropriate.

Before the show email any list of clients you have, and any other potential attendees.

Print and send out cards that offer a free item at your booth. This will give a good indication of who is paying attention to your advertising. Make sure to collect contact details on the cards.


The Booth/Marquees Sydney

Try to get a good position for a booth. The front of the show, the centre of the floor and booths on corners tend to get noticed. Booths next to eateries and restrooms get noticed too. There are many competitors there, so if you want to stand out a custom marquee can make all the difference.


Tradeshows can be expensive. We suggest preparing as well as humanly possible, and then seeing if the situation works for your company and industry. If you get some genuine connections, make some sales and get interested inquiries, continue to set up a booth at tradeshows. Else, use print media and the internet to advertise you company elsewhere.

Essential Kitchen Items pt. 2



Soup Ladle

How else do we serve soup? Buy a ladle with a hook, so it can be hung on the side of the cooking pot.



We use these so often we take them for granted. And then we miss them when they’re not there. Scalloped ends on tongs have become standard because they have proved so useful. Nonslip handles that don’t conduct the heat are recommended.



We often have a metal and soft ended spatula (silicon, rubber or plastic). The soft ended variety won’t scratch non-stick surfaces, though good quality Stonewell pans are largely immune to this.


Spaghetti spoon

Ok, this is almost only used for cooking and serving Spaghetti. But if you try to pick up Spaghetti with a fork or spoon you will see how essential this specialized item is. And if you are wondering, apparently the hole in the middle of the spoon is for measuring the serving size. The amount of dried Spaghetti that fits through the hole makes enough cooked Spaghetti for one person.


Vegetable Peeler

Self-explanatory; but a peeler with a blade that is at right angles to the handle (shaped like a shaving razor) seems to work better – sometime called a Y shaped peeler.


Wire Mesh Colander

If the name isn’t familiar this is the wire mesh thing that lets you drain vegetables over the sink.



Matching Cookware has a lot of appeal. Buying Stoneware Cookware often encourages individuals to do a little more of their own cooking; people just want to make use of the appealing utensils. It lasts for years, and encourages some healthy habits.




Cookware Online Sydney

If you wish to order some quality cookware online Sydney has several good suppliers. When you have some quality utensils, or even just some equipment that you find aesthetically appealing, cooking becomes much less of a chore. It’s the little elements that make up life. Make cooking an artistic part of your existence, both when preparing and dining. All the better if it’s social as well.

Eyelash Extensions Sydney


Eyelash Extensions Sydney              

Eye lashes make a great deal of difference to our appearance. Neither our eyes nor our lashes are the largest feature of our face, but they tend to be the features that others notice. If we change our eyelashes, if we have them extended, our appearance changes, even if people can’t quite place the change.


Eyelash Extension Sydney CBD 

Longer, thicker lashes are very much a female feature; we find them strange on a male. Many women put a great deal of effort into augmenting their lashes. False, stick on lashes have been used for generations, as have other temporary measures. But far more natural looking results can be obtained with eyelash extensions, which are longer lasting too.


Lash Extensions Sydney       

Eyelash extensions are glued to the individual lashes above the eye. They can be individual lashes, pairs of lashes, or sets of three; they can be made of natural material like mink, or be completely synthetic. Artificial lashes last as long as the natural lashes they are attached to, usually between one and two months. During this time individual lashes will fall out. It is common to periodically fill in these missing lashes so the overall effect of the extensions is never lost.

Blue Mountains Railways

The Blue Mountains has some interesting history with trains.


Zig Zag Railway

The Zig Zag railway near Lithgow in the Blue Mountains has been closed for the past few years. It ceased operation in 2012 because of accreditation issues, and fires in 2013 have delayed the proposed reopening


The History of the Zig Zag line dates back to 1869. The mountains were too steep for trains of this era to attempt a direct accent, so railway tracks were run back and forth to provide a gentler slope. This approach worked, but the path was obviously long and the length of the train was limited by the shaper curves in the track of the turnabout stations where the trains were reversed. Yet at the time this Zig Zag approach was the only way for a Blue Mountains Day tour; other transport methods took far too ling.


Clarence Tunnel

This tunnel was once part of the Main western line across the Blue Mountains, and ran mostly straight for almost half a kilometre. Closed in 1910 when the new railway line was built the tunnel was briefly used for military storage in the Second World War. In 1974 the tunnel became part of the reopened zig zag rail line.


Glenbrook Tunnel.

This was part of the train line that replaced the Lapstone Zig Zag route. At over half a kilometre it was longer than the Clarence tunnel; but its use was compromised by the inerrant moisture problems that cause trains to slip on the wet rails.


Rail in only one of many ways to take a Blue Mountains day tour. The older train-lines and museum are kept for their historical interest and tourist appeal. Hopefully the zig zag will resume operation as some point.

Damp Proof Membranes


Several generations ago buildings were constructed with a crawlspace sized gap between the ground and the floor. Moisture could be an issue here, and it tended to be dealt with by providing adequate ventilation. As materials were reasonably permeable this was a workable situation, though there were always some houses that suffered moisture issues over time.


Most modern houses tend to be built on a concrete slab placed directly on the ground, though there are a few other options. Because concrete will allow moisture to seep through over time measures must be taken to prevent floorboards from being subjected to the damp; moisture will cause many wooden floors to become unstable. A common preventative measure against water coming through the concrete is a Damp Proof membrane.


Weather and water conditions in Perth are moderate; houses are not subject to snow or temperature extremes. However, decent damp proof measures are essential for all timber flooring Perth housing.


Damp Proof Membranes are needed for:

  • Timber Floors Perth
  • Bamboo Flooring Perth
  • Laminate Flooring Perth
  • Laminate Timber Flooring Perth
  • Hardwood Flooring Perth
  • Floating timber floors Perth


Floor sanding Perth

If your house has suffered floor damage it may benefit by having the floor sanded. First the cause of the moisture damage must be removed. A good hardwood floor, and some other types of floor, can be sanded back to give a level surface. For a Floor sander Perth has Knock out Flooring to provide both machines and operators.