Tooth Brush Bacteria

Studies have shown that hollow headed toothbrushes, such as the ones used on electric toothbrushes, actually retain a considerable amount of bacteria. Solid headed brushes retained less bacteria.

The study does show how much bacteria was retained, but not how the bacteria on a brush affects health. The bacteria is linked to health concerns, but whether the brush is responsible for transferring the bacteria is another matter. Given the link now know to exist between gum hygiene and cardiovascular health a hygienic toothbrush would seem important.

Some electric toothbrushes have solid head attachments; a visual inspection can find this type. But while they retained less bacteria than hollow models the bacteria still existed.

Those worried about the accumulation of bacteria can use UV light to disinfect their brushes; an option that some electric toothbrushes already include. Else they can soak toothbrush heads in mouthwash and let them dry thoroughly.

Toothbrushes should be changed regularly, especially after an illness.


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