Organic Home Decor

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Culture and civilization is built from the human habit of modifying apthe natural world. Keeping part of the natural world’s organic appearance in our designs and creations is necessary if we are to avoid sterile looking results. It is possible to create with pure colours but like cheaper CGI it look artificial, or perhaps a little dreamlike.

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Houses usually have walls painted in plain colours. The potential monotony of this plainness is fixed with wall decorations, flooring, furniture and the other possessions found in most homes. This often works best when the furnishings have some organic elements.


Wood is ubiquitous in our homes. Even when we use synthetic materials like vinyl or laminate we find they are designed to resemble woodgrain, or perhaps stone. It is not difficult to add wood to a room; think of most furniture. Adding woodgrain makes a space seem less artificial, and hence less stultifying. Matching the paint and woodwork is particularly effective.


Warmer looking metals, like brass or copper, also feel organic. Adding these to a room is good it they match the rest of the décor.


Windows tend to come as part of the house’s basic design, though they can be added. By letting in some natural light and a natural view of the outside world we can liven up a bland looking room.


Houseplants belong in every home. They are the most organic looking option, and help clean the air. Find a way to make the décor and the houseplants complement each other.


House Painting Services Sydney

Consider how you want your home and its repainted rooms to look. The painted walls are basically the backdrop for the rest of the décor, but we must make sure that we get this backdrop right. Talk to your painters and designers to find the optimal look for the space in which you live.


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