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Shorter Hair

Short hair suits some women well. And they manage to simultaneously look clean cut and low maintenance. Who hasn’t been attracted to something that at least seems to provide an easy solution? But of course we hesitate to cut our hair lest the results prove disappointing; lest we are doomed to a year or more or growing it all out again. You think in this day and age there would be an app to let us see the results in advance.


Well, we can take a good guess whether short hair will suit you based on the length of your face. If you have a longer face, or at least if the lower half of your face is longer, then you are almost always better off with longer hair. If you lower face is shorter there is a good chance you can pull off a short haircut.


The determining factor is the distance between the bottom of your earlobes and the end of your chin. If the vertical distance between the edge of your earlobe and the point of your chin is less than 2 ¼ inches (5 ¾ cm) you can probably find a short cut that suits you well. Any greater than this length than longer hair is probably more flattering.


Shorter hair can be easier to manage, especially in the hotter weather. The trick is getting the right cut. Often women opt for a complete transformation when they go for short hair. A complete colour change, or some great balayage highlights can make all the difference.



Balayage Sydney salon

The hair length is only one factor. There are always countless ways to colour and style. Balayage dyeing will give the best combination colours; colours swept on look natural, and can always be used to your advantage. Find the style that works for you.




Teeth, or at least their outer enamel, are the hardest part of the human body. Teeth are also one of the longest lasting part of the body, providing we look after them. Our permanent teeth should last the rest of our lives.


The basic structure of a tooth falls into four parts, though this apparent simplicity is misleading as the complexities of tooth growth, structure, and regeneration are still under study. The tooth enamel is the outer part of the tooth. It is mostly hard mineral with some water and organic material. Because this enamel is semi-translucent the colour of the material beneath, either the natural dentin or artificial filling, affects the colour of the tooth.


Dentin is the material beneath the enamel. It is a porous, yellow material consisting mostly of 70% inorganic material. Being softer than enamel it is more prone to decay that the outer surface of the tooth. The dentin material has many tiny tunnels, about 1 or 2 micro-meters, running form the pulp to the enamel. Each of these tunnels is separate from each other. Recent studies have speculated on liquids flowing through these tunnels, from the pulp to the outer enamel, which may affect both general tooth health and resistance to decay.


The pulp (or nerve) is in the middle of the tooth, surrounded by another layer called the Cementum. The cementum is similar to the dentin, but has more organic material, something which allows the tooth to attach itself to periodontal ligaments for stability. The pulp inside the cementum supplies the tooth with moisture and nutrients, and also provides the physical feeling for the tooth. Temperature, external pressure and damage to the tooth (such as decay) are felt through this pulp.

Lipstick Trick

They say there is no Royal road to learning. But once we have spent time learning we often find we can achieve good results with minimal effort. We also find we can learn from the efforts made by others. If we find a makeup trick that works well for us we should use it.


There are all sort of tricks to making our face look its best. They work by making our features fit together and harmonize well. They also work by appealing to our sense of proportion. There are a few makeup tricks that let us get everything neatly lined up.


Our lips are one of the more noticeable features of our face, the eyes being the most important. Full lips tend to make us look youthful. Lipstick can make all the difference here.


Our upper lip peaks at two upward points just below our nose; this is called Cupid’s bow. We can draw a cross (X) between these two upward points that meet at the downward point between them. We can then draw two vertical lines on our bottom lip that line up with this bottom point of this cross. Use this top lip cross and bottom lip lines as a guide for applying lipstick. It should give a slightly puckered up (about to kiss) look.


Wedding Makeup Sydney

Wedding makeup is somewhat different to everyday wear, different both in type and degree. Find some makeup hacks for everyday wear, so you can look good in a jiffy. Use a professional makeup artist for wedding and the occasional once-in-a-lifetime event.

Eyelash Extensions Sydney


Eyelash Extensions Sydney              

Eye lashes make a great deal of difference to our appearance. Neither our eyes nor our lashes are the largest feature of our face, but they tend to be the features that others notice. If we change our eyelashes, if we have them extended, our appearance changes, even if people can’t quite place the change.


Eyelash Extension Sydney CBD 

Longer, thicker lashes are very much a female feature; we find them strange on a male. Many women put a great deal of effort into augmenting their lashes. False, stick on lashes have been used for generations, as have other temporary measures. But far more natural looking results can be obtained with eyelash extensions, which are longer lasting too.


Lash Extensions Sydney       

Eyelash extensions are glued to the individual lashes above the eye. They can be individual lashes, pairs of lashes, or sets of three; they can be made of natural material like mink, or be completely synthetic. Artificial lashes last as long as the natural lashes they are attached to, usually between one and two months. During this time individual lashes will fall out. It is common to periodically fill in these missing lashes so the overall effect of the extensions is never lost.

Eat for Appearance


A healthy diet can make all the difference to our skin. This makes all the difference when it comes to makeup.


  • Drink water. As long as you don’t drown in the stuff clean water is healthy. We suggest having a little salt and lemon in the diet as water tends to wash these things out of our system.
  • Nuts, especially almonds and walnuts. The vitamin E if great for skin.
  • Lycopene, found in tomatoes and some red/orange vegetables. It helps keep collagen levels stable and has some sunburn protection qualities. It may also be anti-cancer.
  • Green Tea contains Catechins and many other compounds. It just seems to make everything a little bit healthier.
  • Biotin – in eggs, oats, rice and many other foods. It is essential for skin and hair.
  • Avocados and coconuts. Full of healthy fats which receive a lot of attention recently. These are great for healthy, glowing skin, and even work if applied externally.
  • Extra virgin Olive Oil – The name refers to the fact it is extracted without heat, making it healthier. Good for skin when eaten, good as an external moisturizer.
  • Green vegetables – These seem to work in several ways to help skin, and who really questions the nutritional value of vegetables.
  • Dark chocolate – As long as there is minimal sugar and palm oil dark chocolate is very healthy.



Eliminating sugary and processed food is essential for good health and healthy looking skin. There is no real downside, except perhaps the convenience of fast food. Many people quickly come to prefer the taste of natural food.

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Some Basic Concepts with Eyelash Extension Courses Sydney


  • Extended lashes should not be wet for a day after application. Washing hair before the appointment is a good idea.
  • Individuals who frequent saunas, swimming pools or undertake heavy workouts are likely to lose their lashes due to the amount of moisture they are exposed to.
  • Likewise, other humid conditions, like working over a stove or anything involving heavy steam will cause lashes to come loose.
  • Individuals may find their sleeping position has to change; sleeping on the side or back is preferable to sleeping with part of the face buried in the pillow. Lashes will come lose if constantly exposed to the pillow.
  • Anything that breaks down oil may weaken the glue on the lashes. This includes many facial cleansers and makeup removers. Use water based cleansers to avoid issues.
  • Lashes will have to be cleaned lest oil and dead skin build up. Water based cleansers or gentle shampoo often work well.
  • Natural lashes grown out over 4 – 6 weeks. The artificial extensions attached to these will come off with them. Filling in gaps is often necessary, though this decreases over time.


Eyelash Extension Supplies

Appropriate products are available for cleaning and maintaining eyelash extensions.


Optometrist Sydney

There is a lot of press lately about Blue light. This is the upper end of the visible spectrum, slightly lower than the invisible ultraviolet (UV). There is a fear blue light is causing us harm; it seems to act like a weaker version of the invisible UV light. Exposure to Blue light may be linked to poor sleep, aging skin and eye strain. The effects may be short or long term.


Blue light Eye Damage

We know that UV light steadily causes skin damage, which is why we get Sunburn on bright days. But UV is present at other times, even in overcast weather. This UV not only causes skin aging, it also damages the eyes. Good UV sunglasses can prevent almost all of the damage from UV light. But there is a fear that Blue light might have a similar (if milder) effect to UV. We may need glasses to reduce UV and Blue light.


Expose to blue light, especially at night, does effects the circadian rhythms. This appears to be a legitimate problem. We feel tired or awake partially because of our exposure to light. If we are exposed to blue light latter at night it may take several hours longer to fall asleep. Using a red lamp, or a lamp with a red shade, as our only late night light source seems to help. So does avoiding computer monitors, smartphones and TV screens.


Optometrist Sydney CBD

Talk to your optometrist about any concerns. Many solutions are relatively straightforward, and our eyesight may be better because of a few simple precautions.


–           Use good UV Sun glasses when outdoors, and sunscreen.

–           Avoid bright light and computers screens (including phones) before sleeping.

–           Look for computer glasses of screen covers that reduce blue light