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Organic Home Decor

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Culture and civilization is built from the human habit of modifying apthe natural world. Keeping part of the natural world’s organic appearance in our designs and creations is necessary if we are to avoid sterile looking results. It is possible to create with pure colours but like cheaper CGI it look artificial, or perhaps a little dreamlike.

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Houses usually have walls painted in plain colours. The potential monotony of this plainness is fixed with wall decorations, flooring, furniture and the other possessions found in most homes. This often works best when the furnishings have some organic elements.


Wood is ubiquitous in our homes. Even when we use synthetic materials like vinyl or laminate we find they are designed to resemble woodgrain, or perhaps stone. It is not difficult to add wood to a room; think of most furniture. Adding woodgrain makes a space seem less artificial, and hence less stultifying. Matching the paint and woodwork is particularly effective.


Warmer looking metals, like brass or copper, also feel organic. Adding these to a room is good it they match the rest of the décor.


Windows tend to come as part of the house’s basic design, though they can be added. By letting in some natural light and a natural view of the outside world we can liven up a bland looking room.


Houseplants belong in every home. They are the most organic looking option, and help clean the air. Find a way to make the décor and the houseplants complement each other.


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Consider how you want your home and its repainted rooms to look. The painted walls are basically the backdrop for the rest of the décor, but we must make sure that we get this backdrop right. Talk to your painters and designers to find the optimal look for the space in which you live.




Balustrades are fences or railings, consisting of a set of identical vertical posts (balusters) supporting a horizontal railing. They are common in many architectural designs, being incorporated into everything from staircases and balconies to pool fences. They can be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.


While it may be necessary to install the balustrade as a safety barrier they can often be best thought of as a way of defining space. Think of them as walls between different rooms. We rarely have houses that are all one room, so we need not have gardens or other areas as one large space.


Else, we might install a glass fence, which provides a protective barrier without seeming to intrude on the space.


Lace Balustrade

Made of Iron or aluminium these barriers can be sparse and open looking, yet work quite effectively. Popular on stairway they suit vintage and some modern houses.

Timber Balustrade

Popular on outdoor furnishings such as balconies or into stairway these timber barriers can be painted or left bare, making them rustic or slick looking.

Stainless Steel Balustrade

A low maintenance and long lasting options. Stainless steel is difficult to paint, but many like its semi-shiny natural look.


Tempered glass is durable, and hardly noticeable.


Balustrade Sydney
Australia has strict laws about installing safety fencing around pools. But as long as the fences fulfils the safety requirements there are a lot of pleasing design options. It is always possible to design a pool fence Sydney residences find suitable.


realestatephotoeditingReal estate photo editing

Real estate photo retouching services work with the images they are given. They can work miracles in some cases, but not in others. It is always better to start with the best photo possible, and then optimize with Real estate photo editing services.


It is possible to do some temporary re-decorating for the photos. The obvious way to do this is to clean out the rooms. Tidying up should go without saying, but there is always more beyond this.


It is best to remove any temporary items from room. You possessions and pets will not persuade potential buyers. They are more likely to dissuade individuals with different tastes. Furniture is fine – try to make it look as good as possible. But remove power-cords, portable heaters, fans, children’s toys and bikes. Try to make space look open and clean.


It is possible to borrow a nice rug or set of curtains. This can make the room look better than usual. Many households have a few items that only come out in winter or summer. Find the best options and use it for the photos. As only one room is photographed at a time it is possible to move things around to good effect. Put the good rug and curtains in the family room, even though they were taken out of there because you wanted to keep them away from the children.


If you are moving into a new house, as most sellers probably are, you can put some of the items planed for the new house into your present one, at least for the photos. A new sofa and a matching set of curtains can completely transform a room. The prospective buyers know it is not part of the sale, but they are seeing some of the room(s) potential.


Real Estate Photo Retouching

Be creative with real estate photos, but be honest. Show how good your house can be, and have it taken further with Real estate photo retouching.

Hard Water And Limescale

Water may contain trace elements. We are lucky in Sydney to have good quality drinking water. Most of Australia also has decent water, though some isolated areas are not so lucky. The rest of the world suffers considerable variation.


Hard water contains a particularity large quantity of minerals, particularity calcium and magnesium carbonates. This water does not harm anybody’s health when consumed; in fact small amounts of the minerals are necessary and beneficial for our biology. But machinery and pipes can suffer long term effects from hard water.


If your household has accumulating lime scale in kettles, or similar build-ups on faucets, this is evidence of hard water. Water that does not form a lather is also evidence of hard water; the minerals in the water cause the soap to form a white solid ‘scum’. This is only a minor inconvenience in most situations; simple fixtures can have the mineral deposits periodically scraped off. But is can be a far more serious problem for complex machinery.


A heat pump hydronic or Hydronic buffer tank, as well as some piping materials, can accumulate mineral deposits over time. Unlike simple taps or other fixtures these cannot be easily cleaned. Machines with working parts may eventually be compromised by steadily accumulating mineral deposits.


Water can be softened if, necessary, with the addition of sodium of potassium ion. This is often the case with washing machines of water heaters. The additional softening component are added to the water through the washing detergent, or and ion exchange device can be used. If the water is being continually recycled through a piping system it only needs only be softened when first installed.


Talk to the installers of your Hydronic underfloor heating if you have hard water. Most installers will already be aware of the type of water in your suburb. The solution will probably just entail a minor modification of the Hydronic controls and valves when first installed.

Timber Finishes


The finish we apply to a timber floor affects both the appearance and the durability of the final product. The durability is an even greater factor if the wood is to be used outdoors. Wooden floors on outside structures (wooden decking) are exposed to sunlight on a daily basis, which steadily damages wood over time. A good finish will significantly reduce this damage, extending the life of the wooden flooring by many years.

There are two main categories of finish for flooring – penetrating and film surface finishes.

Penetrating Floor finishes

The penetrating kind of floor finish is partly absorbed into the wood, or at least its surface. These can make the timber harder and help repel moisture. The majority of these are non-toxic natural oils, though a few synthetic products have been developed. Fumes should be avoided both during and after application.

These penetrating finishes need to be reapplied every five years or so. If the surface no longer repels water a reapplication is necessary. Re-sanding the wooden floor surface is often a good idea.

Wooden Floor Film Finishes

Film finishes are far more popular for indoor use where there is little exposure to the Sun. They are designed to be hard wearing yet flexible; hardness resists scratching and wear, flexibility accommodates the expansion and contraction of the timber.

Film finishes many need to be sanded off and reapplied after 10 years or more of use.

Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo can be treated and processed to reproduce a hardwood look, or many other unique looks. A different type of finish might be used, but the results can be hard wearing and very pleasing.

Floor Sanding Perth

If you want to restore you timber floors and need a floor sander Perth based Knock out Flooring can give the best advice and best results for your floors.

Essential Kitchen Items pt. 2



Soup Ladle

How else do we serve soup? Buy a ladle with a hook, so it can be hung on the side of the cooking pot.



We use these so often we take them for granted. And then we miss them when they’re not there. Scalloped ends on tongs have become standard because they have proved so useful. Nonslip handles that don’t conduct the heat are recommended.



We often have a metal and soft ended spatula (silicon, rubber or plastic). The soft ended variety won’t scratch non-stick surfaces, though good quality Stonewell pans are largely immune to this.


Spaghetti spoon

Ok, this is almost only used for cooking and serving Spaghetti. But if you try to pick up Spaghetti with a fork or spoon you will see how essential this specialized item is. And if you are wondering, apparently the hole in the middle of the spoon is for measuring the serving size. The amount of dried Spaghetti that fits through the hole makes enough cooked Spaghetti for one person.


Vegetable Peeler

Self-explanatory; but a peeler with a blade that is at right angles to the handle (shaped like a shaving razor) seems to work better – sometime called a Y shaped peeler.


Wire Mesh Colander

If the name isn’t familiar this is the wire mesh thing that lets you drain vegetables over the sink.



Matching Cookware has a lot of appeal. Buying Stoneware Cookware often encourages individuals to do a little more of their own cooking; people just want to make use of the appealing utensils. It lasts for years, and encourages some healthy habits.




Cookware Online Sydney

If you wish to order some quality cookware online Sydney has several good suppliers. When you have some quality utensils, or even just some equipment that you find aesthetically appealing, cooking becomes much less of a chore. It’s the little elements that make up life. Make cooking an artistic part of your existence, both when preparing and dining. All the better if it’s social as well.

Damp Proof Membranes


Several generations ago buildings were constructed with a crawlspace sized gap between the ground and the floor. Moisture could be an issue here, and it tended to be dealt with by providing adequate ventilation. As materials were reasonably permeable this was a workable situation, though there were always some houses that suffered moisture issues over time.


Most modern houses tend to be built on a concrete slab placed directly on the ground, though there are a few other options. Because concrete will allow moisture to seep through over time measures must be taken to prevent floorboards from being subjected to the damp; moisture will cause many wooden floors to become unstable. A common preventative measure against water coming through the concrete is a Damp Proof membrane.


Weather and water conditions in Perth are moderate; houses are not subject to snow or temperature extremes. However, decent damp proof measures are essential for all timber flooring Perth housing.


Damp Proof Membranes are needed for:

  • Timber Floors Perth
  • Bamboo Flooring Perth
  • Laminate Flooring Perth
  • Laminate Timber Flooring Perth
  • Hardwood Flooring Perth
  • Floating timber floors Perth


Floor sanding Perth

If your house has suffered floor damage it may benefit by having the floor sanded. First the cause of the moisture damage must be removed. A good hardwood floor, and some other types of floor, can be sanded back to give a level surface. For a Floor sander Perth has Knock out Flooring to provide both machines and operators.