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Security and Progressing Technology

Security and Progressing Technology

Security is subject to changing circumstances and escalation. When a new technology comes along the security measures must be designed protect it, hopefully before any attackers do any damage. When old technology continues to be used it is subject to escalation; attackers become more apt at finding ways to break in so security must find ways to stay ahead of them. New security might still include some old and reliable methods, but it is always being added to if not constantly improved.
Changes in security must be used by all involved, if not society at large. Security systems must be implemented with agreement and coordination, with technology and protocols adopted by all users. This can be a lengthy process, perhaps involving legal and bureaucratic processes. It the data and property that the security aims to protect is already operational there may be a window of opportunity for any potential attackers to exploit. Occasionally attackers learn enough about a system to continue exploiting it even when reliable security is later introduced.
If a new technology is suddenly made available, often after years of research, it is hard for law officials to protect it. Criminals can be quite technologically savvy, and quick to exploit a situation. Law officials, who are probably quite capable in their own areas of expertise, may not have the training or background to deal with the new situation. When online computer hacking appeared in the late 1980s the police, use to dealing with bank robberies and hostage situations, did not have the computer facilities to tackle the crime, nor any knowledge beyond the level of the general public. Even the legal situation was hazy – was stealing data the same a stealing a possession.
There is a further advantage for any individual attackers in that they can break in after finding just one weakness in a security system. The defenders, by contrast, need to be aware of every possible weakness in their system, because at any one time there are numerous attackers trying to break in. Defence, at least initially, is the harder situation.

Fingerprint scanning security is a semi-exception to this. When fingerprinting was first introduced in the 19th century the criminals took some time to catch on, and had to develop criminal methods that did not leave fingerprint traces. And by that time many criminals were already caught and behind bars.

Secure premises measures, preventing a criminal for breaking into a company building, will always be important. Fingerprint scanning remains crucial here, being one of the hardest security measures to fake, now we have companies such as Supremanic providing quality finger print scanning technology, with the latest fingerprinting systems being even more secure than earlier designs. Secure premises should always be the first line of defence.


7 Ielts

无论您正在申请留学,还是正办理移民,雅思成绩都是必不可少的。7 ielts 作为澳洲悉尼的一家专为国际学生提供雅思培训的专业教育机构,是您雅思考前培训的最佳选择。7 ielts有着强大的师资力量,并在悉尼的雅思培训领域取得了可喜的成绩。我们的名师团队有着丰富的雅思教学和培训经验,我们深深了解雅思成绩对学生们的重要意义,所以我们人性化地设计了独特的保分机制,保证我们的学生能够达到自己的理想分数。如果您还在为找不到合适的雅思培训学校而烦恼,或者为雅思成绩而担忧,那么请来7 ielts,这里 将是您在澳洲悉尼雅思成绩达到理想分数的最佳培训场所。

Deck Timber Flooring

There are a few options for finishing deck timber flooring. Australian hardwoods will last for decades. And you may well decide to sand them back after decade or so in order to redecorate. This can be a better option than replacing the decking, which would be wasteful of good, reliable timber.


For outdoor decking there are two main categories – penetrating finishes and film surface finishes.



The penetrating kind of finish will be partly absorbed into the wood, making the timber harder and helping it repel water, dirt and grime. Most of these tend to be natural wood oils and quite non-toxic, though a few synthetic products do exist. As we are talking about outdoor wood any fumes from non-natural products are much less of an issue than anything applied indoors. None-the-less we recommend the natural products for all situations, and will never apply them on unventilated or indoor areas.


Penetrating finishes never really break down, but as the wood dries out over time we recommend a reapplication. Weather conditions permitting reapplications should be made every five years, or when the surface seems dry. After a new coast of finish the water and dirt repelling character should return.



Film finishes are designed to be hard, yet they must also be flexible. The hardness it to give a surface that resists scratching and wear; the flexibility is necessary to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the wood. Water based products tend to be better here, if only because they have far fewer toxic fumes. These film finishes tend to be quite good for indoor use, but not outdoor decking that is exposed to the Sun. Over time the film will become brittle, crack, peel and allow water into the wood. Under reasonable conditions the film finish should last a decade, after which the deck timber flooring must be sanded down and refinished.