Non-Permanent Change

A blind is the best way to customise a room if you don’t want to make any permanent changes. You make a bold change, but it is a change that can be rolled up and taken away.

At collage for the next few years? Sure you can put up a few posters in the dorm, but you can’t change too much else. But you can change the curtains or the blinds. If there’s already a blind in your room you can probably substitute your own custom blind for the duration of the semester. Sick of dull off-white; put up a beach scene or that poster from Casablanca, or a mural of Escher. Probably not hard to conceal either; just roll up the blind during room inspection.

You can stamp your own style on the room, and still know that it’s removable in half a minute. More than just aesthetics the right atmosphere makes all the difference to study, to feeling right, to sleeping well. Order a summer and winter blind and compensate for different seasons. Block out the UV light and the real world, and bring it back at the flick of a wrist.

Your taste in décor will change over time, but blinds can be updated so easily. Replace the superhero theme that looked so good when you were young and embrace whatever suits you for the moment. The decision to have a blind can stay, but the picture you choose to display is far from permanent. Unlike wallpaper which can only removed at great effort (and never used again) a blind is easily replaceable with a different blind; and there’ no reason not to back to an earlier one, or use it for the children’s room, if that’s what you want.

History of blinds.

Advantages of Wooden Shutters

The advantages that wooden shutters have over other types of shutters.

  • The look. Style is a matter of both taste and the situation you put the furnishings in, but wooden shutters have no and of variation. They can be custom made to any style or window shape, and easily painted. Unlike most other options, shutters can be repainted if you choose to change the colour of your house.
  • Block light as it suits you. Other shutters do this to some extent, but wooden shutters can completely block light. This is great if you are trying to be rid of UV light that affects furniture or cloth in your house. Wooden shutters can also be designed with horizontal slatting, allowing air to circulate and outside light to be minimised. This can make all the difference if people are trying to sleep on summer evening when it is still light outside.
  • Soundproofing. A solid wooden blind can massively reduce noise from outside, also great if you are trying to sleep. Easy to open and shut wooden blinds can let the world in or block it out as the need arises.
  • Reduce energy bills. Even more than ordinary windows wooden blinds can keep the temperature where you want it. In moderate temperatures that can prevent the need for heating or air-conditioning; in more extreme conditions they optimize the inside conditions so the air-conditioning need not work as hard.

Cleaning Stainless Steel

Even the most durable of metals is not above discolouration under some circumstances. Stainless steel will develop tea staining if exposed to especially harsh conditions; salt water is the usual culprit here, though other corrosive agents do exist.

Stainless steel consists of conventional steel combined with other metals. These other metals usually form a protective coating over the stainless steel structure which prevents rusting. Unfortunately some chemicals in the environment interfere with this protective coating. If the chemicals are removed the protective coating quickly reforms.

A simple wash of the stainless steel fixtures with a mild cleansing solution dramatically reduces discolouration. The metal should be rinsed afterwards. Harsh chemicals used in cleaning detergents will remove the stainless steel’s protective coating, hence the need for rinsing.

Rust on stainless steel can be removed be abrasive methods, but restoring the mirror finish on the fixture requires specialist polishing.

Harsher conditions require more frequent cleaning to maintain optimal results. Well maintained stainless steel can last several decades.

For extreme situations the stainless steel can be given an additional chemical coating that protects against rust.

That was part 2 of a two part tips for maintaining and cleaning metal. Part 1 can be found here:

Maintenance of Metal with Powder Coating

This post was supplied by VOHC Sydney, VOHC provides the highest quality construction services. With over 15 years experience, they have specialists in metalwork, glazing, fabrication and structural steel projects. They also specialise in balustrades and pool fences.

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Maintenance of Metal with Powder Coating

Powder coatings on metalwork are usually quite resilient, but they can lose gloss, discolour slightly or become chalky. Even without these effects it is always a good practice to clean installations of grime, dirt and grease.

Warm water and a PH neutral detergent is always a good starting point when cleaning powder coatings. Avoid anything abrasive. Use soft cloths, sponges or brushes with very soft bristles. Powder coatings can be cleaned in much the same manner as windows. Always rinse with after cleaning with detergents so as to remove any residue. It is best to wear rubber gloves.

That was part 1 of a two part tips for maintaining and cleaning metal. Part 2 can be found here:

Cleaning Stainless Steel

This post was supplied by VOHC Sydney, VOHC provides the highest quality construction services. With over 15 years experience, they have specialists in metalwork, glazing, fabrication and structural steel projects. They also specialise in balustrades and pool fences.

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When Saving & Planning a Holiday

Pay bills promptly. You will avoid late fees which do you no good at all.

Maintain a good credit rating. In some countries a bad credit rating means higher interest rates on loans, which add up to thousands of dollars over the years.

Find cheap transport methods. Private cars chew up money very quickly; even when sitting in the garage the depreciation is considerable. Cycle, or use public transport. Get a smaller car.

You could also hire a airport shuttle or charter bus service, this is great for larger groups.

Buy in bulk and save. Making only one shopping trip per month means lower transport costs. Items with a short shelf life (milk, vegetables) can be purchased and carried home when you make other trips. Stock up on non-perishable items when they are discounted.

Find a mobile and internet plan that works economically for you. Using one provider for both can save you money.

Look at you monthly debit statements and see if anything can be reduced or cut out. $20.oo a month is $240.oo at the end of the year, plus lost interest.

Take lunch to work. Buying a $5.oo lunch every day is $1300.oo at the end of the year! Bringing food from home is less than half that cost, and is probably healthier too. Same goes for coffee.

Consider a part time job on Saturday where you might get paid a weekend rate. An extra $500.oo in your holiday budget because you spent a month of Saturdays loading boxes makes a big difference when you travel. It also feels more satisfying.

Heating and hot water bills add up quickly. Use them sparingly, have short showers, and find economical way to keep warm or cool.

Never make any cost cutting measure that compromises your health or safety. If eating well means one less sick day per year, then it’s worth it.

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Hard & Soft Water

Hard water is water that has significant mineral content. The water is quite safe for drinking, presuming there are no other issues, as the minerals are naturally occurring calcium and magnesium; but for machinery the build-up of mineral deposits can be an issue. Mineral build-up looks unsightly on bathroom and kitchen fittings.

A vinegar solution can be used to remove hard water mineral build-up on bathroom and kitchen fittings. Vinegar should be diluted by 50%, sprayed onto affected taps, faucets, or other areas, and left for at least 5 minutes. Provide ventilation or a fan if the vinegar smell is too strong.

Else, mix orange or lemon peel with the vinegar to neutralise the smell.
After 5 minutes the bathroom fittings can be wiped clean. Polishing with a microfiber cloth can produce an effective shine.

Hard water can affect washing detergent. If necessary, look for a washing machine detergent that compensates for this.

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Tooth Brush Bacteria

Studies have shown that hollow headed toothbrushes, such as the ones used on electric toothbrushes, actually retain a considerable amount of bacteria. Solid headed brushes retained less bacteria.

The study does show how much bacteria was retained, but not how the bacteria on a brush affects health. The bacteria is linked to health concerns, but whether the brush is responsible for transferring the bacteria is another matter. Given the link now know to exist between gum hygiene and cardiovascular health a hygienic toothbrush would seem important.

Some electric toothbrushes have solid head attachments; a visual inspection can find this type. But while they retained less bacteria than hollow models the bacteria still existed.

Those worried about the accumulation of bacteria can use UV light to disinfect their brushes; an option that some electric toothbrushes already include. Else they can soak toothbrush heads in mouthwash and let them dry thoroughly.

Toothbrushes should be changed regularly, especially after an illness.


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